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Ashley Bickerton is an American artist based in Bali since 1994, who became famous for his integration in the Neo-Geo group in the 1980s. Throughout his career, his work has revolved around amoral themes, which he reveals from experience. His social commentary has provided sarcastic observations on divisive themes such as consumption, nudity and morality.

Living in Bali, he admits surf has a major impact on him, not as a theme, but rather as life-style. From here, he frequently (re)visits his condition of Western man in the tropics. Sometimes his comment is directed toward the Indonesian population who exploits its culture to an extent that it destroys it, and other times he attacks the foreigner who is careless toward the local environment and social values.

In Arte e Sociedade, Quinto Ciclo de Conferências, (Lisboa: Edições CIEBA, 2010), 288-303.

Access the full essay (in Portuguese only) here.