Born in Lisbon, at the age of two (1980), my family relocated to Macau, China. I have spent most of my life in Asia: in Macau, between 1980 and 1996, and in Indonesia, between 2006/7 and 2010-12.

My Asian upbringings meant that my current academic interests draw from these formative years of cultural immersion and hands-on experience with the rich and complex artistic worlds of Southeast Asia.


The Third Avant-garde and Beyond: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia Recalling Tradition

I am currently finalizing a PhD in Art History in the Faculty of Humanities from Leiden University (started in 2012). The Third Avant-garde: Contemporary art from Southeast Asia Recalling Tradition explores the combination of traditional and contemporary art in the region. In 2010, I obtained a Cum Laude MA degree in Curatorial Studies by the same institution and the Gulbenkian Foundation with the thesis entitled Memory and Contemporaneity: Indonesian contemporary art, a curatorial project. Before that, I trained as an Industrial Designer in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University (graduated in 2003 with distinction / B+).

Professionally, I have shared my time between an academic career in the field of contemporary art (mainly from Southeast Asia), and a more designer-led career in traditional textiles, especially from Indonesia. This has meant that I have curated, designed, produced, and applied for funding for exhibitions held in Macau, Mozambique, Lisbon and Indonesia, and also have promoted traditional textiles workshops in the same locations.

I pursue research, especially in the fields of contemporary art (for the MA and PhD), but also about traditional textiles: in 2003 I did my Erasmus in Hogeschool Ghent, Belgium; in 2006 I studied Traditional Textiles in the Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta; and in 2012 I studied Ikat weaving in Lestari Indah, in Troso, Indonesia.

I worked in several museums: the Water Museum of Lisbon (2009-10); was Research Assistant to the exhibition Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence, at the Victoria and Albert Museum (2008); and the Maritime Museum of the Island of Mozambique. I was also Assistant to the Curator Shaheen Merali (2009-12); Editor, Designer and peer-reviewer for various clients (Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference, Leiden; Editorial Tágide, Lisbon; MeraliArts, in London).

While my life has revolved mainly around the European and Asian continents, I am Brazilian by birth and have known the country recently. For more details, please download the complete CV. To follow my interests, read my blog, where I write about art, travel, life-style interests and post essential and inspiring readings, amongst many other valuable things.