Hi, my name is Leonor Veiga and this is my portfolio.

Because of my life trajectory, I am Asian at heart and European in mind.

People like me are often called “Adult Third Culture Kids“.

Throughout my life, I have had the blessing to travel the world.

Observing the existing wealth of human creativity has granted me a special attention to the transcultural and the interconnectedness of all arts.

This is why I look at cross-overs, combinations and transnational forms.

My mission is to convey cross-culturality, which I try to do through a deep love for traditional and contemporary art.

In this website, you will find my research, curated exhibitions and services. I also blog to stay in touch with you.



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Indonesian Eye

"Suddenly we arrived: polarities and paradoxes of Indonesian contemporary art" explores the global language of Indonesian contemporary art. While assessing local concerns, artists reflect on the [...]